January 01, 2018


What do you do when you acquire a successful company and bring in new leadership? Update the environment and make it tell the story as strongly as the words of the new leaders.



When Spring-Fill Industries (a colorful and decorative packaging company) went through a management transition in 2017, they kept their focus on the future, going faster and being the most creative and colorful packaging provider in the industry.



When Gemini was out seeing their building and hearing their excitement and enthusiasm about all of the changes that were being made, we realized their exciting story needed to be told more in their physical offices. We suggested working together to come up with some ways to visually tell their story so every visitor, all employees and suppliers were crystal clear about what they were doing as soon as they walked into the building.


Gemini rendered several ideas for Spring-Fill to see what we viewed as a 3D representation of their products.


“We wanted to create a ‘shred-wall’ “ says Courtney Wright to demonstrate the beauty, color and texture of their product. We created 144 clear 3D acrylic boxes to showcase all the colors Spring-Fill stocks." 



The custom boxes were then adhered to a track system we built to make this display user friendly. Each of the boxes is reconfigurable and the entire fixture is able to be removed from the wall and re-located, should they every want or need to.


The pictures shown here capture the excitement created when Gemini Builds It installed the Spring-Fill Shred Wall…